Logging words

I’ve been intending to start writing my next play for a few weeks, now.  But the siren call of the TV or dirty dishes keeps luring me away.  I have a deadline to produce a first draft in about a month, so I really have to get moving on it!  I also have to submit a ten minute play (that I have to write, as well) in about two weeks.  Mama mia!
I’ve been telling myself that I need to commit to two pages a day.  With a daily goal of two pages and the likelihood of writing more than that on a few occasions, it shouldn’t be too hard to meet my deadlines.  However, with each day missed, that goal seems less and less attainable. 
Yesterday, my wife told me about a weight loss website a coworker showed her: myfitnesspal.com.  I had seen it before, but I decided to sign up because there’s only two months left in the year and I still have 13lbs to lose if I want to meet my New Year’s resolution.  Remember yours…?
Anyway, it’s a free website (so far) that allows you to log what you eat and how much you exercise.  I remember reading somewhere that the fact of recording your activities is more effective to weight loss than any diet.  It’s about awareness.  A lot of calories are consumed through mindless snacking.  You’re watching TV or bored or whatever. 
Myfitnesspal.com also encourages you to get some family or friends involved.  For example, as I bit into a homemade brownie last night, my wife asked: are you going to log that brownie?  Of course, I was. Damn.  Busted.   Later in the night, after my wife had gone to bed, I saw the pan of brownies.    The thought of biting into that gooey chocolate goodness, started me salivating.  But then I thought, “I’d have to log that.  Am I really that hungry?”  The answer was no, so I didn’t eat the brownie.
Anyway, it’s time to do the same with my writing.  Again.   I need to log my output.  Instead of having a page count, I think I’m going to go for a word count.   I want to have a daily minimum of 500 words.  250 of those words need to be playwriting related, but blog writing and journal writing will be included as part of my daily total.  I am expecting to exceed those goals but I want to keep the minimums attainable and not too scary.  500 words a day translates into 3500 words a week. 
I can do this.  This blog is approximately 450 words, so now I only have to write 250 words of script and I will have met today’s goal.  Let the writing begin!

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