How do bloggers blog?

I started this blog with the best of intentions to chronicle my journey as a playwright.  But the darn thing is that I’m a lazy bugger and I sometimes find it challenging enough just to get in my quota for writing, let alone writing about my writing! 

Even when I just kept a journal, I found it difficult to make the time to write about things when I was in the midst of them.  If you go through my journals — and I don’t recommend it, they’re filled with lots of “man, I should really write more” — you will notice that I rarely have written about stuff when it is happening.  It’s usually just afterwards or weeks later.

I had intended to write about my experience preparing for my show Cast Away.  Well, I opened it two days ago.  Checking back, I only wrote six blogs about it and four of them were before I really got started.  You know, I think if I had kept up the blogs, I might have gotten the script done sooner.  Which would have allowed me more time to tinker with it and given me more time to learn the lines.  But I won’t go there.  In this post, anyway.  😉

Fall down seven times, get up eight times.  So, this is me dusting myself off and getting up.  I will try to be better writing blogs.  It was reading Nancy Kenny’s blog that inspired me get back on the blog-wagon.  I recommend checking out Nancy’s blog.  People only see our projects up on stage and it’s helpful to see what it takes to get them to that place.  And what do we do when we’re between projects.

Blog on!

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