The Shipping Report Part 2

Wow. Thirty Days passed faster than I thought they would. Yesterday was my thirtieth day of shipping.

I can relax.

And you won’t overwhelmed with too much content.

It’s funny. When the year began, I hoped to write a post a week. In fact, I wanted to write 58 posts in my 58th year.

But I was averaging one post a month before I challenged myself to ship for 30 days. I was way off target. Now, I’m back on track.

The question is how often will I post now? Although Seth Godin and Austin Kleon can post every day, I still find that to be too much for me. I could do it for a short term, but I don’t think I could commit to it in the long term.

I’ll shoot for once a week and see how that goes…

I found myself being able to write blog posts quicker than before. Part of the reason might be that I often started writing my posts at 10:30pm. And I was trying to get them published before midnight.

In fact, there was only one post that published a few minutes after the witching hour. And it was because I had to edit the photo I was using.

There were many times that I had the day’s post written well before “publishing time”. I scheduled them to publish later in the day.

That was a great feeling. To be hanging out with the family. Or watching something on Netflix. And knowing that a post was hitting the internet and I wasn’t scrambling to get it done on time.

One thing I had hoped I would be able to do was to write a few posts ahead of time and schedule them to publish later. So, that I could be working on posts a few days out and have a buffer of posts ready to go.

Maybe next time.

Speaking of next time… Now, I have to think about what to do for the next thirty days… What would be a good challenge for me to do?

I’ll give myself a few days to think about it…

© 2021 Peter Gruner

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