New Beginnings

Tomorrow I start a new job. It’s funny how the working life affects the creative life. For years, I had a routine that seemed to work very well. I would write and/or read on my commute to work, taking tiny steps towards a project. If I had a deadline, I would also do some work on the piece at home after work. Plays got written and musings got posted.

When I got outsourced and received my exit package, I had the luxury of working on my writing projects for however long I wanted to and whenever I wanted to. It was a great experience and absolutely helped me move my writing up a level. I attribute the workshops for Out to the Folks, the playwriting prize for Mommy’s Mask, and the publication of my collection of plays to having that time to focus and develop. It also helped me sow the seeds for some other projects that are still in gestation.

But that package didn’t last forever and I needed to return to the workforce to bring in some moola. Playwriting is not very lucrative at my level. So I found a job nearby that fit in with my writing schedule (2pm to 10:30pm). Or so I thought…

It turned out that my learning curve was a lot more curvy than anticipated and it took a while for me to juggle the work hours and the creative process. And once I finally got the hang of it and was comfortable in my routine, my schedule changed (8:30am to 5:00pm). It changed for the better because it allowed me to see my wife and daughter everyday, instead of just on Thursdays and Saturdays when our schedules coincided. But the change was disruptive to my creative process. At least, I let it be disruptive.

And then my schedule was about to get changed back to the original time. On one hand, I thought it would be good for my writing to get my creative time back (mornings), but on the other hand, I got used to having my evenings back and seeing my family and having the occasional drink with friends and going to see a show… There were more cons associated with going back to the old schedule.

But a new job opportunity arrived just in the nick of time, so I don’t have to go back to the old schedule. (”There are no coincidences…” he whispered) It will be sad to say goodbye to the friends I’ve made, but I get a better schedule (hello regular working hours) and my weekends return!

I’ve allowed myself to be distracted from writing for too long, so with the new job, I am renewing my commitment to the Genius Project and writing. Time to get back to work.

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